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Organs of Red Crescent young member donated to patients

ALBORZ, 27 August 2019 (IRCS) – The heart and kidneys of a young member of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), who died of brain death, were donated to three people.

3 weeks ago

Organs of Red Crescent young member donated to patients

Mina Molayi, 21, became a member of the IRCS at Savojbolagh County branch, central province of Alborz, in 2015.

She underwent surgery on Thursday, 22 August, for a headache caused by cerebral hemorrhage. Mina Molayi was in a coma for two days and then confirmed brain dead.

She was an active member of the IRCS Youth Organisation, taking part in various campaigns and plans of the Red Crescent, such as raising public donations in Kermanshah earthquake and recent floods.

Mina’s father described organ donation as a symbol of the devotion of Iranian people to saving patients, saying: “With heart consent, we have donated the heart and two kidneys of our young daughter to save the lives of her countrymen, and I am happy to have saved a number of patients through donation of my child’s organs, hoping that my daughter’s soul will rest in peace as a result of this good deed.”