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Red Crescent Opens Road Relief Bases in Hamedan

HAMEDAN, 30 September 2019 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent has opened two road relief bases in the western province of Hamedan, one of which is located in Asadabad Defile on a high traffic path toward the Iraqi city of Karbala.

3 weeks ago

Red Crescent Opens Road Relief Bases in Hamedan

Red Crescent launched the bases on 29 September. IRCS President Ali Asghar Peyvandi attended the opening ceremony of Asadabad Defile road relief base, which was built on 615 square meters of land.

The base has features to serve the pilgrims who should cross the region to get to Karbala.

“Asadabad Defile is one of the most heavily accident-prone areas and special attention should be paid to it,” said IRCS president. “Red Crescent prides itself to serve the people particularly those who travel to Karbala.”

He also appreciated the benefactors and authorities that made efforts to build the base.

Mr. Peyvandi also attended the opening ceremony of another road relief base in Kheyrabad District, Hamedan County, which was built in 614 square meters of land.

During his tour to Hamedan, Dr. Peyvandi broke the grounds for 14th road relief base in the province in the Malayer-Mahabad artery which is one of the most accident-prone areas in the province. The land of the base was donated by Reza Naderifar, a benefactor.

Currently, the Iranian Red Crescent enjoys 580 road relief bases across the country to render relief services to those who are affected by road accidents.