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UPDATED/ Red Crescent Responds to West Azerbaijan Quake

Urmia, 15 September 2019 (IRCS) – Red Crescent has rendered relief services to families of five villages in West Azarbaijan which were struck by a 4.4-magnituade earthquake on 14 September.

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UPDATED/ Red Crescent Responds to West Azerbaijan Quake

A 4.4-magnitude earthquake struck 19 km off Siah Cheshmeh City, Chaldoran County, West Azerbaijan, near the Turkish border, at 20: 03 local time on Saturday, 14 September. The quake happened at the 10km depth.

Following the quake, which hasn’t injured or killed anyone, Red Crescent teams were dispatched to the affected areas, assessing the region. The quake caused wall fraction in five villages of Sheikh selo olia, Sheikh selo sofla, Zankareh, Dushan Tappeh and Navar.

Red Crescent also distributed more than 60 tents for the rural households whose homes were mildly damaged. 53 houses were damaged after the quake, according to West Azerbaijan provincial Red Crescent branch.