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Red Crescent Saves 90-year-old Climber

Kermanshah, 3 September 2019 (IRCS) – The Red Crescent rescuers saved a 90-year-old climber who was injured in the Sar-darreh heights, Paveh County, Kermanshah Province.

2 months ago

Red Crescent Saves 90-year-old Climber

At 13:40 local time on 1 September, the Paveh County Red Crescent branch was informed via Emergency medical services (EMS) that a man had been injured in the Sar-darreh heights.

Following the report of the incident, a four-member team, including mountain rescuers, were dispatched to the spot. Rescuers immediately began the rescue operation when they arrived at the scene, but what surprised them was that a 90-year-old man was injured.

The old man, who used to go climbing as usual, was injured in the head. He lost balance and fell as the rocks slid beneath his feet.

The old man called his grandson by cell phone to send rescue teams. His family called the EMS as they were away from the scene. Since the rescue operation needed mountain rescue equipment, the EMS informed the Red Crescent Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

The Red Crescent rescuers dressed the old man’s head and transferred him to a hospital in Paveh.