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Red Crescent, Tehran Municipality Seeking to Prepare People for Earthquake

TEHRAN, 3 June 2019 (IRCS) – Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) President Ali Asghar Peyvandi and Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi talked about joint efforts to increase the readiness of Tehran citizens for earthquakes.

4 months ago

Red Crescent, Tehran Municipality Seeking to Prepare People for Earthquake

During a meeting which was held in Tehran municipality, Prof. Peyvandi said: “In the Red Crescent, we always have a serious concern for Tehran and it is necessary to do more activities in the field of raising public awareness.”

Referring to the little readiness of people to cope with earthquakes, IRCS president added: “According to surveys, less than 10 per cent of the people are prepared to deal with earthquake, while the risk of the earthquake in the country is more than 80 per cent. This difference is high in Tehran, while the city may differ from other cities culturally or socially.”

Mr, Peyvandi proposed the establishment of a joint memorandum of understanding between the two institutions that was welcomed by the mayor of Tehran.

Underlining Red Crescent relief activities in the flood-affected regions, Tehran Mayor said: “The history of Tehran shows that the earthquake is unavoidable in the city.”

Referring to the crisis management network in Tehran municipality which runs specific programs before, during and after incidents, Hanachi said: “Red Crescent and Tehran municipality can run effective measures in all three steps through bilateral cooperation.”

At the end of the meeting, Tehran Mayor received the Red Crescent Voluntary Card and became an IRCS volunteer.

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Meshkin Dasht, Alborz province, at approximately 23:30 (local time) on 20 December 2017. The quake was also felt in Tehran. One woman was killed while trying to exit her house in the city of Malard. More than 100 people were also reportedly injured in Tehran and Alborz provinces and in the city of Saveh (Markazi province). No damage to buildings or critical infrastructure were reported.