Education, Research and Technology

In 1995, “Research and Training Centre” of the IRCS started its activities and in summer 2002, achieved the agreement and authorisation of Iran Ministry of Sciences, Research & Technology, then formally developed into “Iran Helal Applied Sciences Educational Institute”. It is a non beneficiary research and training centre consisting of a Board of Trustees, a Council and Head of the Institute.

The main goals and responsibilities of the Institute include:

1- Promoting and transferring working knowledge relating to the IRCS principles and objectives,

2- Improving disaster preparedness, response and recovery among staff and managing directors of the IRCS,

3- Training qualified human resources,

4- Developing working skills in order to increase utilisation,

5- Establishing coordination between skills and work knowledge pertinent to the IRCS activities.

The Institute has four divisions: 1- Higher Education, 2- Public, General and Specialised Training, 3- Research on natural disasters 4- Finance & Administration along with Statistics & Computer Services Office.

1- Public, General and Specialised Training:

This division monitors all educational affairs of the IRCS and consists of different units comprising public training, specialised training, in-service training and trainers’ affairs.

2- Higher Education:

This section is currently managing 5 courses in Associate and Bachelors’ Degrees. It is also planning to handle MA degrees relating to the IRCS objectives.

3- Research:

This section supervises different research plans and projects and has so far accomplished many practical projects. There is a crisis management library for researchers, university masters and students of high educations.