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Shiraz: Red Crescent Saves More than 500 Flood Victims

FARS, 25 March 2019 – Red Crescent relief workers saved the lives of 527 people who were affected by a flash flood in Darvazeh Quran, Shiraz, Fars.

2 months ago

Shiraz: Red Crescent Saves More than 500 Flood Victims

Following heavy rain in Shiraz on 25 March which, in a matter of only 10 minutes, reached 18 milimetres, flooding was triggered from the mountainous areas in suburban Shiraz to the city’s gate, Darvazeh Quran, located on the north.

The flood swept cars which were parked or stock in a traffic jam at Darvazeh Quran.

19 people were killed during the incident, including four children, and 105 others were injured.

Fars provincial Red Crescent branch provided emergency shelters for 1951 people and travellers in safe areas, distributing 1,030 canned food, 1,050 loaves of bread, 880 blankets and 66 tents.

Relief workers also recovered 150 vehicles from the flood path.

The incident was the second one related to flood after Iran’s northern provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran flood in recent days which caused lots of damage to the houses and crops in the two provinces. Currently, several provinces of Iran, including “Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari” and “Lorestan” are affected by heavy rain.