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Torrential Rainfalls in Northern Iran

TEHRAN, 14 October 2019 (IRCS) – Red Crescent teams have assisted more than 100 people who were affected by heavy rainfalls and inundation in the Northern provinces of Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan from October 12 to 14.

2 months ago

Torrential Rainfalls in Northern Iran

Torrential rains caused inundation in the counties of Anzali, Someh Sara, Amlash, Roudsar, Talseh, Shaft and Masal in Gilan Province.

In some villages in Talesh, Roudsar, Someh Sara, Amlash and Langarud raised water level led to inundation of houses. Red Crescent teams drained water from the homes.

Red Crescent ambulances transferred six injured people to medical centers.

Farmlands and connecting arteries were affected the most by the torrent.

Two motorcyclists crossing the bridge in Gurab Zarmikh, Someh Sara, Guilan, fell into the river. One was rescued and the body of the other was found by relief workers.

Red Crescent aid workers have rendered relief services to 105 affected people in 63 urban and rural areas.