Iranian Red Crescent has 1,433 “Volunteer House” across the country. Furthermore, 36,000 needy families receive IRCS Volunteers Organisation’s protective services in various cities and villages.

Mohammad Nasiri, Head of the IRCS Volunteers Organisation, said:

“Such days as Nowruz and the holy month of Ramadan are an excuse to help needy families again.

“In order to ensure that the tablecloths of the needy are not empty, with the assistance of volunteers and benefactors, the parcels entail rice, edible oil, date, beans, etc.”

Natural disasters such as drought, flood and earthquake in some provinces have affected the livelihood of the people, hence economically challenging the citizens.

Sistan and Baluchestan, South Khorasan, Hormozgan, south of Kerman, west of Isfahan, Khuzestan, Ilam as well as Kohgiluyeh and Buyerahmad are among these provinces.

Moreover, some volunteers donate blood in Ramadan and also encourage others to do it in order to coincide with Ramadan, the storage of blood banks in cities will not be empty and there is no problem for patients who need blood and platelets.

“Niyabat is a voluntary campaign that is carried out with more enthusiasm,” said Nasiri.

“Volunteers visit the families of martyrs, elderly people who live alone as well as nursing homes. They also visit the home of elderly people, checking their blood sugar level and blood pressure.”

IRCS Volunteers provide food parcels for the needy, donate blood and respect elderly people and the families of martyrs throughout the year, but these humanitarian activities are carried out in Ramadan more passionately than other times of the year.

The needy people, identified in Homa-ye Rahmat campaign, are also protected in other national and religious occasions by the IRCS volunteers and the costs of treatment, education, marriage and their other needs are provided by the volunteers. Those benevolent who do not want to be identified by others will put the members of the Volunteer House as their trustee, and they will help the clients this way, and the needy will also receive donations from anonymous volunteers.