Volunteers Organisation

One of the core principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is performing volunteer services. The Iran Red Crescent Society Volunteers Organization was formed in 1959 in order to materialize this principle with the aim of attracting, organizing and consolidating more and better volunteer and benevolent activities and services at the time of incidents in order to protect the victims of various accidents and injuries in the ordinary course of time to provide services to the needy and vulnerable people by tapping the ability and assistance of the able social strata. Since its inception, the organization has embarked on charity and community-based services to those in need of them; and has provided invaluable services such as protecting abandoned children, establishment of nurseries, collection of public donations for sending to the battlefields, collection of public donations for those affected by incidents and disasters inside and outside of the country and collecting public donations for the victims of international disputes.

The organization’s core missions include:

  1. Helping to provide the financial and human resources required by the Red Crescent Society in line with its objectives and missions;
  2. Collection and directing of cash and non-cash donations from the public to support victims of domestic and international accidents;
  3. Providing support and social services to patients, the needy and the sick in deprived areas, as the states helper (trustee), by tapping the capacity and potentialities of the benefactors and volunteers in order to utilize and organize people’s support in the form of Jihadist management in the field of economics and culture including health, welfare, protection and prevention services.

IRCS’ Volunteers Organization serves as the support of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization, that is responsible for disaster operations. The body is regarded as the most active public network that currently enjoys services of over 700,000 volunteers in guidance, support, skill and partnership groups and 4,000 Helal Volunteer houses. All activities of IRCS’ Volunteers Organization are performed through national humanitarian schemes.