WFP’s Representative in Iran Ms. Negar Gerami said:

“WFP is concerned about the most severely affected communities whose ability to access food has been severely hindered.

“Due to devastating floods in Khuzestan, a budget of the WFP’s emergency resources about 600,000 US dollars has been allocated for providing the food packages.”

Photo: IRCS

The ration packs (for families with four members) contain a variety of food items including rice, canned pinto beans, canned tuna, lentils, sugar, vegetable, edible oil, tea and salt, purchased locally in Iran and sustain 50,000 people for one month.

Part of this emergency food assistance was distributed on 22 May symbolically in Seyyed Zaher Village, Ahvaz, in the presence of WFP representative. Khuzestan provincial Red Crescent branch will distribute all parcels separately in all flood hit-areas of the province.

Photo: IRCS

WFP has been operating in Iran for over 30 years, providing food assistance to vulnerable Afghan and Iraqi refugee communities as well as responding to emergencies such as earthquakes and floods.

Heavy rainfalls and storms continued for weeks from mid-March to April 2019 onwards and resulted in flooding in almost all of Iran’s 31 provinces.

With stable weather conditions and forecasts, water in the Northeast of the country has widely receded, while vast areas of the country’s southwestern regions of Khuzestan (delta-region for some of Iran’s main rivers) remain inundated.