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WFP to Donate More than 3,000 Emergency Food Parcels to Lorestan Flood-Hit Families

TEHRAN, 4 August 2019 (IRCS) – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has provided more than 3,000 food parcels to be delivered to the Iranian Red Crescent (IRCS) to support the flood-affected families of Lorestan province.

2 months ago

WFP to Donate More than 3,000 Emergency Food Parcels to Lorestan Flood-Hit Families

The governments of Poland and Kuwait have funded this humanitarian assistance.

According to the IRCS, the in-kind assistance includes 3,083 food parcels containing sugar, rice, canned beans, tuna fish, edible oil, tea, grains and iodised salt. All these commodities were purchased from suppliers in Iran.

Two months ago, WFP also offered 12,000 food parcels to Khuzestan, the other Iranian flood-affected province.

In a symbolic ceremony, which was held in Tehran on Sunday, 4 August, to deliver a number of the food parcels to the Red Crescent, Morteza Salimi, Head of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organisation appreciated WFP and the governments of Poland and Kuwait.

Furthermore, during the ceremony, Deputy Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tehran Falah Al-Hajraf said that as a neighbour, a brother and a Muslim country, Kuwait ensures to help Iran, since the two countries are like brothers in humanitarian programmes, adding: “Iran’s government didn’t request for assistance but we sent our aids voluntarily.”

Al-Hajraf added that more than eighty per cent of Kuwait’s contributions to help the Iranian flood-hit people still remained.

Launching Public Campaign to help Iran in Poland

Maciej Falkowski, Polish ambassador to Iran who also attended the ceremony, said that the news on the severity of the disaster and Iran’s flood-affected people were very worried, so we organise an internal campaign to help the affected people, and all donations collected were delivered to the Humanitarian Office in Poland.

In the flash floods in March and April 2019 which affected a lot of the regions in Iran, the IRCS provided emergency shelter for more than 350,000 people.