Youth Organisation

Youth Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society was established in 1947. It has two objectives; developing youth participation in decision-making and relevant activities of IRCS and youth training in order to be prepared to implement relief and benevolence services.

This organisation in line with its main objectives follows its four main strategies:

  • Based on strategy of recruitment, the organisation recruits interested young people. This organisation with more than 2 million young volunteer members in 6 branches of student, children, religious groups, rural, labour and free members work in more than 22,000 centres and clubs.
  • According to the strategy of preparation, the organisation train annually 1,600,000 youth members in three levels; centralised training, semi centralised training and training plans such as Taha public training, special training for villagers, benevolence caravan and special plan for leisure time.
  • Based on the strategy of organising, youth organisation has two activities in benevolence groups and relief teams in order to attract the interested youth to become a member of youth Organisation. Finally Youth Organisation based on retention strategy through identifying benevolence and humanitarian activities in environmental, health and supportive activities( such as sending 5000 Benevolence Caravan to disaster affected areas in 2001) and also relief activities including exercise and organising refreshing course encourage youth to work in relief and humanitarian activities.

This organisation by implementing different programs including organising more than 1700 camps and participation of more than 70,000 members in the festivals, competitions such as relief, literature, art, vocation, culture, social affairs and sport. It should be mentioned that this organisation with cooperation of its youth members, has provided 312 libraries, 500 sport places, 14 cinemas, 38 amphitheatres and 5 camps across the country.