1 October 2023
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IRCS president meet with aid workers in Nowruz
TEHRAN, 22 March 2023 (IRCS)- On the first day of the Persian ‎New Year (Nowruz), Dr Pir Hossein Kolivand, the President of ‎the Iranian Red Crescent Society visited some relief posts in ‎Tehran.‎
The IRCS president met with the aid workers in the relief posts of Tehran-North autobahn, Chitgar lake, Kolakchal mountainous region and Quchak defile. In these visits, Mr Kolivand appreciated the efforts of the aid workers. “The services of the Red Crescent in the harsh conditions of Kolakchal mountain are unique.” Said the IRCS president. The Iranian Red Crescent serve the travelers and people during the Nowruz holiday tgrough 500 relief posts in the entrance of the cities and tourism places.
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