1 October 2023
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President Raisi Appreciates IRCS
TEHRAN, 8 May 2023 (IRCS) - President Ebrahim Raisi praised the Iranian Red Crescent Society's (IRCS) relief efforts in Turkey and Syria to support the people affected by the earthquak.
“Those who volunteer to serve the people create a more beautiful world for themselves and others because in the world of volunteering, the sun of hope never sets and consciences are always awake to solve people's problems. War, disease, earthquake and flood have failed in front of the kindness of volunteers because the most modern weapons, the deadliest diseases and the heaviest natural disasters do not benefit from the love and affection that is like a priceless treasure in the hearts of the volunteers and the miracle of this hidden treasure guarantee the victory of the volunteers in all rigorous tests,” wrote the IRCS president in his message. “As the second home of the volunteers, the Red Crescent and the Red Cross Societies are the protectors of the loving hearts of these angelic people, and World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is only a short opportunity to appreciate the volunteers, but the prayers of the people whose problems are solved by the healing hands of the volunteers is the best thanks to the volunteers,” he added.
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