1 October 2023

Red Crescent Continues Relief Services in Imamzadeh Davoud

TEHRAN (IRCS) – The Iranian Red Crescent transported 500 people to safe ‎areas after the flood and landslides affected the Imamzadeh Davoud in the west ‎of Tehran. ‎

The heavy rains in Tehran province triggered flash floods and landslides in Imamzadeh Davoud shrine, killing 7 people and missing 14 others.

The Red Crescent teams are working to render relief to the affected people. The aid workers transported nine injured to the nearby medical centers by the Society’s ambulance.

The Red Crescent has mobilized more than 130 aid workers in the affected region, according to the IRCS President, Dr Pir Hossein Kolivand.

The rescuers transported 500 people to safe areas. 

Due to mud and water, which in some cases caused debris, the Red Crescent has used 10 sniffer dogs to search for the missing people.

Flood has affected 18 provinces of Iran. The Red Crescent has asked people to avoid being in the area of rivers and flood channels, as well as being in mountainous areas.


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