10 December 2023

UPDATED/ Iranian Red Crescent Supports More than 78,000 Flood-Hit People

TEHRAN (IRCS) – The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has provided relief services to more than 78,000 flood-affected people during recent floods.

Flash floods caused by heavy rains during the past week impacted 26 provinces. The Red Crescent is still continuing relief services in 14 provinces. The Red Crescent has transported 3,562 people to safe areas and provided emergency shelter to more than 11,212 people, said Mehdi Valipour, Head of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization. 

Red Crescent ambulances transported 56 injured to nearby medical centers.

Floods impacted 1,669 areas in 168 counties in Iran. 1,428 villages were also inundated. The flooding affected 162 transportation routes. Aid workers pulled out 490 vehicles from the flooded routes and pumped 2,194 houses out of water.

So far, 1,899 tents, more than 29,260 blankets, more than 10,078 moquettes, 175 kitchen items, 44,000 tons plastic nylons and 16,828 food parcels have been distributed to the flood-affected people, according to the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization.

The Iranian Red Crescent has deployed more than 6,200 volunteers to render relief services to the flood-affected people across the country.


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