10 June 2023

IFRC seeks to use IRCS Relief Products

TEHRAN (IRCS) - Head of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management of the IFRC Middle East and North ‎Africa Regional Office met with the Iranian Red Crescent Society secretary ‎general on Wednesday, discussing enhancing joint cooperation, including using ‎relief products of Helal-e Iran Textile Industries‏.‏

In this meeting held in the IRCS Peace building, Dr Yaghoub Soleimani, the IRCS Secretary General, said: “Iran is a country prone to disaster, so our aid workers are continuously deploying one incident to another,”

Referring to recent natural and man-made disasters in the country, he said: “The Iranian Red Crescent's experience of responding to disasters can be useful to other National Societies in the region.”

In his part, Mr Dharmin Thacker, said that the Iranian Red Crescent, as one of the largest National Societies in the world, enjoys various potentials, which their introduction to other Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in the MENA zone should go beyond the transfer of experience, and its relief and medical products should be included in the basket of supply and purchase of items of the International Federation and the Societies of the region.

He considered Helal-e Iran Textile Industries a sample company, saying: “It is the pride of the Federation that this industrial complex has the potential to produce 65,000 relief tents for the emergency accommodation of affected people every month,”

“After exploring the company in the past few days, we decided to cooperate to use its products in the shopping carts of other Societies.”

Helal Iran Textile Industries Company which is affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent produces a variety of relief items including tents, blankets, relief bags, etc which are used during the natural crises and are vital for affected people.


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