10 December 2023

IRCS president delivered speech in ICRC & NS Annual Senior Leadership ‎Dialogue

GENEVA, 28 September (IRCS) – The President of the Iranian Red Crescent ‎Society delivered a speech during the ICRC & NS Annual Senior Leadership ‎Dialogue, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that the ICRC ‎encounters in developing innovative strategies.‎

Dr. Pir Hossein Kolivand has stated that the ICRC is currently facing several challenges. These challenges include the necessity of reevaluating its traditional goals, the issue of declining trust in the Committee both regionally and globally compared to past years, the restricted and exclusive distribution of key positions within the Committee's governance and management, which only involves a limited number of countries.

“Additionally, there is an unprecedented decrease in the Committee's budget and financial resources. Moreover, the Committee needs to prioritize conflicts in the cyber space and strategize on how to maintain its mission in this particular area,” added the IRCS president.

Kolivand also emphasized the various opportunities available to the International Committee of the Red Cross. These opportunities include providing support to staff and volunteers of National Societies, enabling them to participate in international courses and receive specialized training in specific mission areas. Examples of such training courses include mine hazards and restoring family links. These opportunities also present a chance for the International Committee of the Red Cross to enhance its role in advancing humanitarian diplomacy. Specifically, it can focus on addressing the negative effects of sanctions on the humanitarian actions and programs of National Societies that are under sanctions. Overall, these opportunities can be effectively utilized by the Committee.

“In addition, the significance of directing more attention towards the potential and abilities of volunteers and young members of National Societies in the collaborative initiatives conducted by the ICRC and National Societies at both national and international levels,” he added.

The ICRC & NS Annual Senior Leadership Dialogue took place in Geneva, Switzerland, where the president of the Iranian Red Crescent Society actively participated. In recognition of collaboration and support, the International Committee of the Red Cross extended invitations to 40 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, considering them as crucial partners in this significant event.   


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