1 October 2023

IRCS Volunteer wins Asian gold medal

Zahra Ebrahimi, a young volunteer from the Iranian Red Crescent Society, won the gold medal at the Asia Karate Championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Eight years ago she joined The Red Crescent. “I think learning first aid is essential to everyone because it reduces our injuries in case of disaster and severe condition," she says.

She was raised in a family whose parents and brother were interested in sports. Zahra began with football but quickly realized she was good at karate. After that, her family took her to the karate club.

She attended a Red Crescent Relief Course with her coach and this was the first step she joined the Society.

“First aid helps us save lives. When something gets caught in a person's throat or when a person has a heart attack, quick action can save lives," Zahra said.

As an athlete, she understood the importance of first aid, whether she is injured in training or when athletes require emergency assistance in the gym.

“Professional athletes are faced with various injuries. The scale and severity of these injuries varies according to the type of sport," she says. “I am very pleased that the Red Crescent is providing these trainings and that I and other young people will be able to learn them."

She has invited many friends to join the Red Crescent to learn first aid.

“I am proud of my membership in the Red Crescent. Although I do not often get to participate in volunteer activities, I am determined to start these activities soon."



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