10 December 2023

Iraq derives its inspiration from Iranian Red Crescent technology

NAJAF (IRCS) - The head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society met with his Iranian counterpart, stating that the cooperation between the two societies is permanent.

Referring to covering the Arbaeen walk by the Iranian and Iraqi Red Crescent Societies, Dr. Yaseen Al-Mamouri said: “Because of the presence of other pilgrims from neighboring and regional countries in the Arbaeen ceremony, there is a need to establish the Red Crescent of these countries in Iraq.”

Next year, the Red Crescent of the countries with pilgrims in Arbaeen will be stationed in Iraq, Dr. Al-Mamouri added.

He pointed out that the Iranian Red Crescent, with all its potentialities, accompanied the Iraqi Red Crescent in the ceremony of the march of Arbaeen. 

In addition, the head of the Iraqi Red Crescent has indicated that the EOC (Emergency Operational Center) system will be launched in Iraq by the Iranian Red Crescent Society next year.

This year, IRCS deployed its emergency operations center in the town of Najaf, Iraq.

To date, the Iranian Red Crescent Society has offered over 2 million and 92,000 relief and medical services to Arbaeen pilgrims.

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