10 December 2023

IFRC logistic manager in MENA: IRCS Relief Warehouses are a Good Model for Movement

TEHRAN (IRCS) - Dharmin Thacker, Head of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management of the IFRC Middle East and North ‎Africa Regional Office visited relief warehouses of the Iranian Red Crescent Society.

Referring to the well-equipped warehouses of the Iranian Red Crescent, he said: “The Iranian Red Crescent is one of the largest and most responsible National Societies around the world, and its extensive fleet, well-equipped and large warehouses with its very good distribution are a credit and a model for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement,”

Thacker added that the IRCS experiences in the field of logistics can be shared with other National Socities that are members of the Federation, and it is necessary that the IRCS successes be compiled in English and made available to other Socities.


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9/24/2022 - 15:33
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