10 December 2023

IRCS responds to Ardabil flood

ARDABIL, 5 October 2023 (IRCS) - Relief operation is currently in progress ‎in Ardabil province.‎

The Iranian Red Crescent Society has been actively involved in providing assistance to households that have been affected by the flooding.

Over the past two days, heavy rainfall has caused significant damage in Parsabad, Bileh Savar, and Ardabil Counties. As part of their relief efforts, the Red Crescent has already aided a total of 224 individuals. This has involved not only pumping water out of 46 houses and one school but also addressing other challenges caused by the floods.

In Parsabad, one house was completely destroyed, leading the aid workers to focus on the removal of debris and rubble.

Additionally, the IRCS rescuers evacuated 10 school students to secure locations.

In terms of support for the flood-affected households, the Red Crescent has distributed a range of essential items. This includes blankets, ground sheets, kitchen sets, food parcels, clothes, and heating devices to flodd-affected households. These efforts aim to provide relief and improve the living conditions of those affected by the floods in Ardabil.


Photo: IRNA 

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10/5/2023 - 19:38
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